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We have been working together as a team for 10 years. We know ourselves, we know the subject matter. And you can tell that from the way we work. From the first ideas about the architecture, then the software engineering and right through to operation — we are at your side with all of our passion, savvy and stamina.

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Our Expertise

We develop software that is individually tailored to your needs. Say good-bye to “cookie-cutter-ware”. Welcome customization. It is for precisely that reason that we are able to hire the best talents in the industry. Here they find projects that challenge them. And that is why you will find a partner here that can guide your project to success.

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Our Projects

Year after year, we have already solved more than a few innovative and highly complex assignments. Projects that have taken a few months and projects that have grown into a multi-year partnership. But it’s best that you convince yourself: just click through some of our case studies.

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Our Team

We are a small team. Everyone knows everyone else. That gives us reliability and makes us quick. As a result, our customers get well-thought-out solutions without having to wait long. Whether it’s concept, architecture, design, implementation or project management — everyone has their specialty.

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