Don’t lose Business to Random Unresponsiveness

by Andreas Hartmann
Tags: Business , Lightbend , Scala

We all know it and we all deal with it: Networks are inherently flaky. However, you don’t want to lose business due to that flakiness because your network is unresponsive. Today we feature a Lightbend White Paper on how to resolve split brain scenarios in just seconds.

Single house in a snow mountain. Nobody home? Too bad if you lose business due to an unresponsive network. (Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography on Unsplash)

As an official Lightbend partner, we help you to plan and implement reactive systems based on the Lightbend Reactive Platform. It allows the implementation of high-performance, scalable applications for operation in multi-core and cloud-computing architecture.

How to deal with „Split brain“ scenarios

Network issues can lead to serious trouble, when business is hampered and users get annoyed or frustrated because of delays and error messages. Such issues often result in so called „split brain“ scenarios, where a partition in an application cluster suddenly becomes unresponsive. This reduces cluster performance and, at worst, may result in cascading failures and expensive downtime.

Download Lightbend’s Split Brain Resolver

In a free White Paper, Lightbend reviews the tricky, unavoidable nature of network partitions, and describes what kind of strategies are needed to resolve split brain scenarios intelligently, in just seconds.

Here we go: Download Lightbend White Paper on how to seamlessly recover from split brain scenarios.

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