Go Reactive with Lightbend

Lightbend supplies the worlds leading platform for developing of reactive applications. The Lightbend Reactive Platform allows the implementation of high-performance, scalable applications for operation in multi-core and cloud-computing architectures.

Demands placed on modern architectures

Business demands must be put into production as soon as possible (time-to-market). The demands put on modern web-scale-applications require practical design concepts for distribution and scalability. Continuous delivery and an efficient development process are essential to reaching the required goals efficiently. No company can afford the massive damage in terms of image and lost sales resulting from a system breakdown. In todays world, high availability and reliability have to be guaranteed. Load variations are the norm not the exception.

For economic and flexible operation, the prerequisites are: efficient use of hardware resources and the use of commodity hardware and scalability at different levels (multi-core-CPU, the cloud). The software must allow the system to react immediately to the changes in conditions. Nowadays, analytics data has to be available in real-time

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What advantages are offered by Lightbends products?

  • Responsive. Fast response times and consistent quality of service.
  • Robust. Self repairing for individual applications and services. The system remains responsive even if a fault occurs, accessibility of the application is not at risk.
  • Massive scalability and elasticity. Dynamic scaling within multi-core systems and the cloud. The platform remains responsive under load variations.
  • Profitable infrastructure using commodity hardware and optimizing hardware use through dynamic resource allocation.
  • Increased development productivity (time-to-market) by radically simplifying the development of distributed systems.
  • Faster depreciation (time-to-value) due to the reduced interdependency of individual components and the autonomous work of development teams in a microservice-based environment.
  • Analytics data are available in real time.

How can we help?

As a Lightbend partner, BeCompany helps you to plan and implement reactive systems based on the Lightbend Reactive Platform.

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